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A global digital platform with the sole purpose of bringing forth the art of independent cinema and visual arts worldwide

Founded in 2020, GIFF is a standalone platform for independent filmmaking, creative expression, voicing your thoughts along with immersive entertainment. GIFF will support emerging and established voices, discover award-winning filmmakers, curate innovative and interactive experiences, and introduce new ideas through premieres, exhibitions and panel discussions.


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We all have enthralling stories to tell, and what better way than to come together on a global platform and share narratives that can move the world. We are building one such platform to give you all the power to dream, create and share, truly exploring your potential.

We are starting by providing independent filmmakers a platform to showcase their creativity, where it could be judged for content. We want you to tell your inspiring story; to be heard and celebrated.

Academic Screening

Showing films or documentaries to engage students can be an effective learning experience for them. The academic institutions should identify visual medium as another form of text. Hence, films or documentaries should be taken as a complementing medium to reinforce and expand students’ learning experience. Even though many academic institutions have realized the effectiveness of the medium, but due to the limited resources and quality materials, institutions are not able to capitalize on this interactive mode of learning. In this context, GIFF as a resource institution would like to invite interested institutions to contact us for screening of films and documentaries in their institution followed by a discussion session with students.