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Pakistan's First Digital Film Festival

Founded in 2020, GIFF is a standalone platform for independent filmmaking, creative expression, voicing your thoughts along with immersive entertainment. GIFF will support emerging and established voices, discover award-winning filmmakers, curate innovative and interactive experiences, and introduce new ideas through premieres, exhibitions and panel discussions.

Who We Are?

The GIFF team strives to build a digital space where global filmmakers can discover and be inspired by emotively intricate stories. We believe that good art and storytelling is not just inspirational but a potent catalyst for change.


Festival Advisor


Darcy Paquet

Busan Asian Film School

South Korea

Darcy Paquet teaches at the Busan Asian Film School, and is a program consultant for the Udine Far East Film Festival. In 2014 he co-launched the Wildflower Film Awards Korea, which recognizes achievement in Korean independent cinema. He has also translated subtitles for many films including Parasite and The Handmaiden.


Festival Advisor


Amy Fajardo

Filmmaker, Music Composer


Amy Fajardo is a colombian music composer, sound designer, film director and photographer, based in the city of Madrid, SP. A Summa Cum Laude graduate from Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA), where she majored in Film Scoring and Orchestral Conducting. She was awarded the Georges Delerue Film Scoring Award in 2013. Amy also holds a Master in Digital Audio Production for Film, TV and Videogames from AVID Pro Tools, as well as studies in filmmaking, photography and film directing.


Festival Advisor


Nigel Xavier

Director & Producer

New York

Nigel Xavier is a New York based director and producer who loves to find and build a narrative even in the most abstract concept. As a director with a background in advertising he has worked on feature films, commercials, music videos and everything in between. His deep love and appreciation for cinema is rooted in his childhood experience of making up stories to get out of doing homework. In every endeavour he believes in fostering an environment of inclusivity and diversity so voices of all backgrounds can flourish.

Human and Buildings Collage

Academic Institution Screening 

Educational institutes recognize the educational benefit and effectiveness of the visual medium and yet the ability to capitalize on the interactive mode of learning because of limited resources, especially in a country like Pakistan. In this context, GIFF as a resource hub would like to invite interested institutions to contact us for film and documentary screenings in their institution followed by a Q and A session with students to open up the conversation about stories, why they matter and the underlying need for communication.



GIFF’s sense of responsibility towards budding filmmakers and storytellers is to conduct virtual workshops and masterclasses with global filmmakers and artists to tap into the collective wisdom and knowledge base to enhance the learning curve for our audience. Sharing knowledge and creating a global platform for artists is a corner stone principle of our initiative and these workshops proof of our tenacity and our belief in a global artistic platform and community.

Microphone Close-Up

Talks & Discussions

GIFF pledges to expand the conversation about visual arts through interviews and panel discussions with artists across the visual arts spectrum from cinema, fine arts, photography and even dance. We intend to highlight not just these individual art forms but how they can interact and creatively enhance each other.

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