First Edition Overview

GIFF Online 2020

The vision of the festival is to create a dynamic community for all independent filmmakers in Pakistan and around the world to showcase their best stories.

83 Films, 40 Countries, 11 days

Gandhara Independent Film Festival was founded in 2020 to provide a platform for filmmakers around the world to showcase their films and share their stories. Its founders believe good art begets good art. It is by watching emotively intricate narratives and visually arresting films that one can begin to explore their own creativity and move others with their films.

The idea was simple; curate quality films and present it in an accessible and aesthetic fashion. It is this idea of offering a global virtual film festival that is curated with quality films spanning the breadth and scope of the short form genres of narrative fiction, documentaries, animation and experimental films that proved a success in its fist edition.

GIFFs commitment to creating a global platform for filmmakers worldwide did not stop at just curation. Virtual discussions were an integral part of the virtual film festival to engage the audience and proffer insights from independent filmmakers, festival programmers, film distributors and art educationists with the view of disseminating sought after information and demystifying the process from script to screen for filmmakers worldwide.

We have spoken about the intention and idea behind GIFF. But we believe in giving credit where it is due. The success for any film festival is due in large part to the trust of the filmmakers who submitted their films to the festival as well as the participation of its collaborators and industry partners.

We recognize the filmmakers who shared their stories with GIFF and the industry partners who embarked on this journey with us.