Celebrating International Women's Day 2022


Inspiring Stories of Empowered WOMXN

Celebrating the unique vision of female filmmakers and their lived experiences

As the Empowered WOMXN 2022 virtual screening curated to celebrate International women’s day 2022 as well as to amplify and help give visibility to global female filmmakers comes to a close, Gandhara International Film Festival would like to thank the filmmakers for submitting their films and sharing their stories with the world. These stories were poignant, emotive, sensitive and entertaining. We, at GIFF, are excited for your storytelling journey and cannot wait to see what comes next.

Panel Discussion
Empowered WOMXN 2022

The Panel discussion for Empowering WOMXN 2022 will focus on the lived experiences of female filmmakers and their travails of being storytellers in an androcentric industry. This discussion is Gandhara Independent Film Festival’s endeavour to amplify the contribution of female filmmakers in the creation and distribution of insightful and emotive narratives, and affirms our commitment for equity and inclusivity.


Official Selection Empowered WOMXN 2022 program
29 amazing stories by female directors from 18 countries

Each journey is unique and every artist has their story to tell

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